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There was enormous interest from Russia for the 1900's Palekh, Mstera and Monastic School Icons as well as any with highly decorative silver and enamel rizas especially those with an Imperial provenance. The price for the miniature Icons with decorative rizas seems to rise every few months. The market for large Russian Icons from the early 1900's is particularly strong, as they are now impossible to bring in from Russia.
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Russian Icon St John the Martyr St John the Martyr

St John the Martyr
Святой мученик Иоанн

Price £1,850.00
Russian Icon of The Virgin of Kazan Virgin of Kazan

Russian Icon
Казанская Богоматерь

Our Price: £2,250.00
Russian pendant Icon Russian oval silver-gilt pendant Icon

Pedant with Icon of the Virgin and Child
Серебряный кулон-брошь XVIII века

Price £2,650.00
Carved Icon Carved Icon

Mount Athos Carved Icon

Our Price: £2,750.00
Royal Memorial Diptych Royal Memorial Diptych

Russian, a Royal Memorial Diptych

Our Price: £4,750.00
Icon of the Virgin of Smolensk Virgin of Shui- Smolensk

Смоленская икона Божией Матери

Price £7,750.00
Menological Icon Menological Icon

19th Century Menological Icon with images of the Virgin and Child

Our Price: £8,750.00
Panagia Panagia

19th Century Panagia

Our Price: £8,750.00
Russian Icon of Saint Barbara Saint Barbara

Russian 19th Century
Святая Великомученица Варвара

Our Price: £22,750.00