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Moonshine poisons worker's health
Soviet propaganda, Poster,Russian political Poster, Vintage posters, Russian, London, for sale
Soviet propaganda poster

Soviet propaganda Poster, 1923
Советский политический плакат
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Soviet Propaganda Poster, Unknown artist, 1923 - "Moonshine poisons worker's health".

Советский политический плакат, Неизвестен, 1923 - "Яд самогона отравляет здоровье трудящихся".

"Moonshine poisons worker's health... destroys their body, family and posterity. Hunger, prostitution and begging - that the consequences of drinking. Labor, your duty is to fight alcoholism and destroy criminal moonshiners doggery. "

  • Artist: Unknown
  • 1923
  • Lithograph printed in colours
  • 62 х 85 см
  • Published: Mosow