NOW CLOSED But, In The Good Old days in the Piccadilly Arcade ...

Iconastas Russian Art and Antiques was in Piccadilly Arcade, in London's West End, from 1975
until April 2018.

The arcade is a magnificent covered parade of shops, many of them still independent retailers,
which was built around 1900. Bombed badly during the second world war, the south end on Jermyn Street, was rebuilt.

We used to get a huge variety of visitors to the shop; from rock stars and royalty, to lifelong collectors and the 'mildly curious' browser.
One such browser (and customer !) was the comedian Ricky Gervais, who chatted at length about these strange wooden panels.
Little did we realise that we were to become fodder for one his pod-casts !

Chris was recently asked to come into the BBC World Service Studio to chat about Lenin statues - in particular one monumental one that was being exported to Germany.
If you'd like to listen to some of this interview, click on the link below:

Chris Martin-Zakheim on BBC World Service March 2016