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The Czarina Plate

Tsarina Alexandra of Russia

Our Price: £490.00
Alexander III Plate

Tsar Alexander III plate

Our Price: £490.00
Yuri Petrochenkov porcelain plate for sale Porcelain Plate by Yuri Petrochenkov

Currency Plate by Petrochenkov

Price £750.00
Vintage Russian Porcelain Figure  Mother and Child Mother and Child

Pesochnoe Porcelain
Фарфоровая статуэтка, Песочное

Our Price: £890.00
Vintage Russian Porcelain Figure Harlequin, Soviet porcelain,Comintern Harlequin

Gorodnitsky Porcelain Figure
Фарфоровая статуэтка, Городницкий завод, Коминтерн

Our Price: £890.00
Vintage Russian Porcelain Figure  Seamstress, Konakovo, Soviet,  Porcelain The Seamstress

Konakovo Porcelain
Фарфоровая статуэтка,

Our Price: £1,150.00
Vintage Russian Porcelain Figure Girl Seated Girl

Soviet Porcelain Figure of Seated Girl
Фарфоровая статуэтка

Our Price: £1,250.00
Birchwood Cigarette Case

Russian Birchwood Cigarette Case

Our Price: £1,250.00
Russian Wooden Egg

Carved Wooden Egg

Our Price: £1,350.00
Painted Russian Wooden Egg Russian Wooden Egg

Our Price: £1,350.00
Russian- Inkstand

Abramtsevo inkstand with fish cover

Price £1,350.00
Russian- Wall Plaque

Boxwood carving

Price £1,450.00
Carved Wooden Distaff, Russian art, London,Russian art shop, London Russian art dealer, Russian art for sale Carved Wooden Distaff

Carved Wooden Distaff

Price £1,450.00
Russian- Abramtsevo Box

Abramtsevo Box

Price £1,450.00
Russian- Salt Throne

Abramtsevo Salt Throne

Price £1,450.00
Russian-Abramtsevo-Box Triangular Abramtsevo Box

Abramtsevo Triangular Box

Price £1,650.00
Russian Wooden Egg Talashkino Egg


Our Price: £1,650.00
Birchwood Casket

Russian Birchwood Casket

Our Price: £1,650.00
Ship's Captain's Loud Hailer

Ships Captain's Loud Hailer - SOLD

Our Price: £1,850.00
Accordion Player

Dulevo Factory

Our Price: £1,850.00
Mikhail Glinka

Porcelain statue

Our Price: £1,850.00
Russian- Troika


Price £2,250.00
Alexander Suvorov

Lomonosov Factory

Our Price: £2,450.00
Vintage Russian Porcelain Pushkin Inkwell by Danko for sale Pushkin Inkstand

Porcelain Inkwell
Фарфоровая чернильница, ЛФЗ

Our Price: £2,650.00
Russian- Salt Throne

Salt Throne

Price £2,650.00
Russian- Station Guards

Figures like this were made popular by Faberge and carved in hardstone.

Price £2,750.00
Russian- Religious Plaques

St's George and Dimitri

Price £2,850.00

Soviet, Terra-Cotta Partisan

Our Price: £3,650.00
"Bilibin" Panel

"The Hunt" a painted panel after Bilibin

Our Price: £3,750.00
Soviet miniature painted bowls for sale in London 1920's Miniature Bowls

Three Soviet Porcelain Miniature Bowls
Три русские фарфоровые пиалы

Our Price: £3,850.00