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When Iconastas first opened in Piccadilly Arcade, we filled the window with over 100 pieces of pre-Revolutionary woodwork from our own private collections. The fabulous paintings of Russian peasant life with its farms, villages and market places attracted scores of visitors to our shop. Little did we realise at the time how important these small artistic treasures were. Painted by artists from the villages of Abramtsevo and Talashkino who went on to found the Revolutionary Arts movements of the 1920's and 1930's, they have become very collectible.
Over the last thirty-two years we have been lucky to purchase the collections of "Greek John" and many pieces from the "Two Bears" who scour the markets throughout the North of England.

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Birchwood Cigarette Case

Russian Birchwood Cigarette Case

Our Price: £1,250.00
Russian Wooden Egg

Carved Wooden Egg

Our Price: £1,350.00
Painted Russian Wooden Egg Russian Wooden Egg

Our Price: £1,350.00
Russian- Inkstand

Abramtsevo inkstand with fish cover

Price £1,350.00
Russian- Wall Plaque

Boxwood carving

Price £1,450.00
Carved Wooden Distaff, Russian art, London,Russian art shop, London Russian art dealer, Russian art for sale Carved Wooden Distaff

Carved Wooden Distaff

Price £1,450.00
Russian- Abramtsevo Box

Abramtsevo Box

Price £1,450.00
Russian- Salt Throne

Abramtsevo Salt Throne

Price £1,450.00
"Fish" Box

"Fish" Box

Our Price: £1,450.00
Russian-Abramtsevo-Box Triangular Abramtsevo Box

Abramtsevo Triangular Box

Price £1,650.00
Russian Wooden Egg Talashkino Egg


Our Price: £1,650.00
Birchwood Casket

Russian Birchwood Casket

Our Price: £1,650.00
Wooden Tankard

Abramtsevo Tankard

Our Price: £1,650.00
Russian- Troika


Price £2,250.00
Russian- Salt Throne

Salt Throne

Price £2,650.00
Russian- Station Guards

Figures like this were made popular by Faberge and carved in hardstone.

Price £2,750.00
Russian- Religious Plaques

St's George and Dimitri

Price £2,850.00
"Bilibin" Panel

"The Hunt" a painted panel after Bilibin

Our Price: £3,750.00
Princess Tenisheva

Princess Tenisheva

Our Price: £8,500.00
Yelena Polenova (1850-1898)

Yelena Polenova

Our Price: £8,500.00
Russian Imperial Coat of Arms Russian Imperial Coat of Arms

Russian wood carved Coat of Arms

Our Price: £26,500.00